Amazon Advertising


The Best of Both Worlds

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the business world and is here to stay. We leverage the latest AI tools in your PPC campaigns to help us gather real-time data and make better, informed decisions. This decreases the learning curve to discover what’s working so we can grow your business faster.

Human Intelligence

Human intelligence still plays a critical role at Clicksplode. Our 30 years of expertise help craft the strategies, while utilizing Artificial Intelligence to make informed decisions. This combined power of artificial and human intelligence gives you an edge in your business.


We leverage our 30 years of expertise to evaluate data and make calculated decisions to increase the success rate of your PPC campaigns.


Smart AI tools give us valuable and timely insights on your PPC campaign, making it easier for us to double down on what is and isn’t working.


Paired together, we have a powerful system to grow your Amazon business to new heights.

Sponsored Product Ads

We create Sponsored Product ad campaigns for your business, designed to get clicks. These AMS ads promote a single product, get you the best sales-per-click, and rank your products above your competitors. We optimize these campaigns to lower your advertising cost of sale (ACOS) and generate more revenue. We also leverage weekly ad reporting and trend analysis to boost your campaign performance. We optimize these ads using A/B testing strategies.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand ad campaigns highlight your brand and promote three of your products. These AMS ads appear on top of the results page, have the highest click-through-rate, and increase awareness of your business. Our keyword-driven approach ensures your products get maximum exposure with an interested audience. We optimize these ads using A/B testing strategies.

Sponsored Display Ads

We strategize and create product display ads that target customers based on interest or specific products. These ads are great for remarketing and bring interested customers straight to your Amazon listing page, resulting in more purchases. Our Amazon PPC experts use these ads to create targeted advertising campaigns that increase your page traffic and make more customers aware of your Amazon business.


We use a variety of ad mediums (video & text) to get your product in front of interested customers. We infuse various brand storytelling and advertising strategies to make your Amazon campaigns more compelling to your audience. We’ll tailor your campaign to the platform that will get you the most sales.


We use Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) to programatically buy display and video ad placements for your Amazon products. This platform greatly improves visibility with prospective customers, allowing you to educate them about your products, and even re-engage with them. DSP is a powerful tool that allows us to buy ad placements both inside and outside Amazon.

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Bid Optimization check-circle check-circle check-circle
Account Restructuring cross-circle check-circle check-circle
Search Term Harvesting And Automation cross-circle check-circle check-circle
Negative KW Harvesting And Automation cross-circle cross-circle check-circle
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Real, live human account manager! cross-circle cross-circle check-circle
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Semantic Product Review Analysis cross-circle cross-circle check-circle
1 hour/month of Strategic Consulting Direct with Rohan & Todd cross-circle cross-circle check-circle
Maximum Monthly AdSpend $5000 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of Account ASINs 10 100 Unlimited
% of Ad Spend/Revenue NONE! Fixed Price Still none ...yes, still zero

1. Integrity

Full transparency in our motives and actions. No blackhat tactics.

2. Team First

We live by our motto “Play nice, be helpful, and share success.”

3. Go For Great

Growth mindset, constantly learning, raising the bar.

4. Play To Win

Maintain a bias toward action and deliver results.

Our core values represent who we are as experts, but also as people. We cherish long-term relationships and are committed to seeing you achieve your vision of success. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with our service.


We’d love to learn about your goals with Amazon and talk about how we’d be able to help.