After establishing the company as a premier brand in the food industry in 2017, the marketing team at Better Almond Butter settled on Amazon as its preferred growth platform.

While all of their products were quite unique and offered valuable experience to customers, their Amazon sales didn’t reflect it. Better Almond Butter was also having a hard time managing their inventory and facing a myriad of issues for their top products. Specifically low sales volume, lack of product ratings.

They recognized that if they wanted to get their product to fans who love it as much as they do, they needed help with their sales and inventory management on Amazon.

Better Almond Butter founder, Jordyn Gatti, asked around to find the best Amazon Marketing Partner and was referred to Clicksplode by one of our clients.

About Better Almond Butter

A favorite among vegans and health-conscious customers, Better Almond Butter (BAB) makes a unique variety of delicious and crunchy organic almond butter.

What’s their secret? BAB imports raw almonds from Spain and sprouts them. This gives their almond butter an extra crunch while providing a richer and creamier flavor.

The Winning Amazon Strategy That Delivered Results

We started by analyzing Better Almond Butter’s current performance in Seller Central and detected some key areas of opportunity to leverage.

The first step was to optimize their listing pages for sales. We researched and implemented the right set of keywords and optimized key areas of their listing page such as the title, images, bullet list, and description.

Additionally, we ran a series of inventory replenishment reports and even restructured their Amazon ad campaigns to generate more effective results.

The Results

With our combined efforts and a dialed-in Amazon marketing strategy, Better Almond Butter saw a significant increase in sales.

  • Within 60 days, we were able to grow their sales by a staggering 147%
  • At the 6 month mark, the massive growth continued with a total  increase in revenue of 1,356% and a whopping 1,200% increase in Subscribe & Save orders!
  • We helped them rank organically for 73 keywords in the top 10 search results, up from 8 keywords. The best part? Now their products top the best sellers list!
  • Since launch, we’ve had zero out-of-stock instances that serve as a healthy sign of inventory.
  • Their spotlight product now has 6 Amazon Choice badges, up from none

Results at a Glance


Sales increase
within 60 days


Sales increase
in 6 months


Increase in
Subscribe & Sales


Keywords ranked
in top 10 results




Amazon Choice


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