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Sellers Want To Know – What Happens to my account health during the Corona Virus Pandemic?

We all know how important seller account health is surviving and thriving as a seller. But what happens when there are circumstances beyond our control as a seller? In this instance, a worldwide pandemic?

Amazon has released an official statement to Sellers regarding COVID-19, cancellation of orders, and account health. For full details, please visit this page. Below is a summary as of March 23, 2020. Noting that by the time you read this, the info may be out of date. Please always refer to the source link above for updates

  • If you are unable to fill orders, set your account into vacation mode

  • To cancel an order, you have to contact the customer first and request that they submit the cancellation

  • DO NOT simply cancel orders without first contacting the customer. That communication is the only protection you have from adverse impacts on your account health

  • Even if a buyer wants to cancel the order, have them go through the official cancellation process

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