From Amazon Advertising management, to keyword research, and competitive analysis, we tackle EVERYTHING you’d expect from an elite Amazon marketing partner.



Co-Founder & CEO


Of Experience in Amazon

Rohan specializes in Amazon marketing and has a long history of Amazon PPC campaign results.


Co-Founder & CMO


Of Experience in E-commerce

Todd is an E-commerce expert, who had the honor of speaking at the national Google Employee event.

1. Integrity

Full transparency in our motives and actions. No blackhat tactics.

2. Team First

We live by our motto “Play nice, be helpful, and share success.”

3. Go For Great

Growth mindset, constantly learning, raising the bar.

4. Play To Win

Maintain a bias toward action and deliver results.


At Clicksplode, we don’t believe in hit-and-miss strategies for your campaigns. We break the rules of generic marketing by experimenting AND leveraging proven tactics to bring growth to your Amazon business.

We also believe creative ideas help you stay on the cutting edge of your business, which is why we are always testing new strategies to help you get more Buy Nows and Add to Carts.

Our targeted marketing efforts ensure your ads are shown to buyers at every stage of the sales cycle. This increases your opportunity for sales THROUGHOUT the entire campaign.


Clicksplode has 30 years of combined expertise in scaling Amazon businesses. We know Amazon inside and out and what it takes to create a profitable business.

We look at projects through the eyes of a scientist; hypothesizing, testing, and analyzing to get the most ROI with our efforts.

Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon pro or realizing you’re unable to handle marketing yourself anymore, our team is flexible enough to help with any challenge. Our robust experience has given us the skillset to make your Amazon experience a breeze.


Our team’s growth mindset sets us apart. Many Amazon agencies swing for the fences and sometimes manage to hit home runs, but usually end up causing big, expensive strike-outs. We take a holistic view and apply incremental steps in multiple areas for calculated growth in your business.

We’ll design experiments, expecting some to fail so we can learn and grow faster in our efforts. We’re optimists at heart who love new challenges!

We’ve developed a great partnership with our friends at Clicksplode, regarding all our amazon selling platforms. They took us from not selling at all, to selling more than 100 pieces per month in the first 6 months. We appreciate their attention to detail and time understanding our needs.

Ricardo Neumann

Director - 4 Art Works

As a "newbie" to the world of social media marketing, Clicksplode has been a Godsend in introducing ( and enlightening) our senior management regarding their process and expertise in the social media marketing arena. Their knowledge of the Amazon flywheel concept and implementation strategies developing product awareness has resulted in a continuous escalation of Abscent sales on a monthly basis. Absent has recently signed on with Clickslode to take Abscent social media marketing sales to the next level.


Manager, Abscent

Aside from the very clear and dramatic increase in sales, what makes Rohan and Todd (or Clicksplode) special is simply their level of effort. I honestly feel like they treat my company like it's their own - truly caring about the product, the team and of course the customers.

Jordyn Gatti

Founder Better Markt


We’d love to learn about your goals with Amazon and talk about how we’d be able to help.